Chief People of Jain society meet Home Minister Rajnath Singh


Some prominent people of Jain society, Dilip Gandhi (MP), Samaj Ratan Subhash Oswal, Manoj Jain (National leader of Youth Jain society), Sunil Tatead Ji, Sanjeev Jain (Member of All India Jain Confirmation), Anshul and Arun Bhai, Rajnath Singhji (Home Minister) and appealed to the Santhara petition which was heard in Parliament House on February 23, 2018, as soon as the recommendation is submitted.

Rajnath Ji assured that he would inform us soon after talking to the prime minister and assured the Jain community that soon the master of the Shramana Sangha, the supreme emperor, The grace of Shivmuni Ji Maharaj will be completed by the merit of Maharishi Guru Dev Shri Udai Muni Ji. On 22 May 2018, it has been 44 days since the meditation of Uday Muni Ji.