Top 10 books on Narendra Modi


1. A Journey:Poems by Narendra Modi -Ravi Mantha

 It’s said that one can know the deepest desires of an individual by reading their poems.This book is a collection of 67 poems written by none other than Narendra Modi himself in Gujarati verse and translated by the author. Transported into the poet’s mind, one comes across varying degrees of emotions expressed in the verse the like devotion and dedication, love and longing, strength and vulnerability.


2. Narendra Modi: A political biography – Andy Marino


The author has analysed every pixel of the extensively recorded interviews with attention to detail and the outcome is an excellent account of the rise of an enigma.The book is an insight into the power and controversies governing his reign.His life is unravelled in an unprecedented turn of events.


3. Narendra Modi- The game changer- Sudesh Verma


In the preface,  the author mentions how his wife has inspired him to do a better job than just cut & paste. Living up to the name, it’s a remarkable tale of the evolution and transformation of a visionary that goes by the name Narendra Modi.


4. Narendra Modi-The architect of a Modern State-Kalindi Randeri & M.V. Kamath


One of the most misunderstood chief ministers of the Gujarat state, this is an inspirational tale about the truth behind his actions.The book encompasses the journey of the man as he turned the state into an industrial superpower in the matter of a half-decade. The decadent progress of the state’s manpower is attributed to the willingness of Narendra Modi for servitude rather than power.


5. Narendra Modi:Fall of Corruption in India – Ekta Kalra


There’s a reason to dwell on his impeccable thoughts and actions because he has been moulded by imperfections and has risen to power as a Gandhian figure who can’t be bribed. His experiments with truth have stood like a wall against corruption on the Indian soil and continues to be the ultimate hope in India’s fight against corruption.


6. Narendra Modi: The Man, The Times- Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay


A biography that recounts the tenure of a polarizing figure and his ethos.The question haunts many-Mass murderer or development man? Nevertheless, his name has led to the extreme emotions of hate and love.Such a love-hate relationship has sparked the hearts of millions and seen the struggle of a six-year-old boy, helping out his father in selling tea, his initiation as an RSS prachaarak abandoning his family and wife in search of truth and finally his meticulously planned rise as the man himself in the political drive.


7. Centrestage: Inside the Narendra Modi model of governance- Uday Mahurkar

 The author has politically analysed every aspect of growth and development of the nation set in as the foundation of the governance model.The book has gone above and beyond the media hype with questions being raised on every debatable topic right from RSS to Kutch.


8. The Modi effect – Inside Narendra Modi’s campaign to transform India – Lance Price

 From the author of Where Power Lies and the Spin Doctor’s Diary, comes yet another compelling read that is thought-provoking where Narendra Modi has been glorified and vilified in the same breath.The book has redefined Indian democracy.On May 16, 2014, Narendra Modi was declared the winner of the largest elections ever on the path of a master – class, modernized political campaign ever fought.


9. NAMO Mantra of Narendra Modi-Kumar Pankaj


A man of his word, the formidable politician has always mouthed his opinion with a catchphrase chalked out by him as “His Gujarat”.Being shrewd and objective has come naturally to him even though his origin isn’t from a political dynasty.Hail him and his power of deliverance to a political upheaval.


10. Modi: Making of a Prime Minister – Vivian Fernandes


Without pride and prejudice, this book has traced the outlook of a man on a mission.The reigns are in his hand and it’s all about endeavour towards National growth and development.In a unified approach towards greatness, what lies ahead is answered in simple terms.

Article: Bookishly by AbeRuk